How It All Started

Jason and I were watching tv one night and started skipping through the commercials.  As we were skipping over we heard two seconds of this beat that sounded interesting.  Instead of passing through the commercial, we stopped and watched.  Then, we watched it again. And again. And again.

I cannot tell you what we were watching at the time but I remember the Dr. Pepper commercial.  It was a collage of different YouTube videos linked together by a catchy beat.
After watching it several times we started researching various clips and watched other videos in the channels we liked.  Our tv show was put on hold and all of a sudden we found ourselves hours into a YouTube binging spree.  We found the professional end of YouTube and realized there is a whole different side of the internet.
That night Jason and I watched videos of DevinSuperTramp.  Later that week, Jason and I found RocketJump Studios and Corridor Digital.  We totally binged through VGHS in two days and realized this was something we wanted to be a part of.
Jacob came over during the week and Jason filled him in too.  And then our journey began.  We binged YouTube even more, Jason started watching tutorials and all our hangouts were based on what we had learned since the last meet-up.  And then, Cinetic Studios was formed.

-Posted by Jessica