What's In Our Name

Jason, Jacob and I were thinking about possible names.  I knew I did not want something too difficult, with case variation or anything too out of the ordinary.  We wanted a name with meaning and pizzaz that defined us.

After a certain point we knew we wanted something with motion.  We started thinking of variations of physics words that describe motion- energy, kinetic, velocity... But then once we started thinking of names, we realized they were too long, and just didn't have that "Apple" factor.

We wanted a name that could stick and was short.  The new Apple, Microsoft or McDonalds.  We realized we needed one single word that said anything and everything about us.  I guess we then decided we had to frankenstein a bunch of different things to get the effect that we wanted.

Even in the beginning days we were editing, editing our name.

One day it just clicked - Cinetic. It was a combination between CINEma and kinETIC.  Motion within film.  Perfect! We had our one word.  The only thing left was deciding what the stereotypical studio ending word would be.  You know, like studio, production, house, entertainment, films, etc. The debate was on.

After tossing around all of the stereotypical words we settled on studio. But then Jason and I went back and forth between making the word plural or singular.

Finally it was settled - Cinetic Studios.

-Posted by Jessica