Our First Video Shoot

This past weekend Jason and Jacob shot our first video.  Jason had been going through the first idea for the video all week and when I came home from work on Saturday, he told me it was happening that night.

I was just getting over a cold and was exhausted after my long day at work.  As the supportive team mate, I went through the motions and blocked out the video with him in our garage that night.  Half an hour later we had the whole video mapped out, we were ready, we just needed our talent.

Jacob got hustled into volunteered to be one of the actors and Jason's friend, John, came over to play the second.

The only problem was - my exhausting work day and cold made me pass out even before our fabulous actors came over.

After a long and uninterrupted sleep, I woke up and Jason told me everything went great.  We ran through the "dailies" and at that point I realized Jason might actually be able to do the whole shooting a video thing...

-Posted by Jessica