The Second Video

Jason, Jacob and I are all a little over watching the first video cut, and re-cut and decided it was time to shoot our second short.

When I came home from work on Sunday, I started walking to the front door when I saw this huge green sheet on the floor.  I remember Jason telling me about his cheep green screen that was sitting in our living room, ready to be used and abused.  When he was shooting his Star Wars videos about ten years ago he found the "perfect green" sheets at Ross.  Apparently they were defective, but they were just perfect for him.

That "perfect green" sheet was sprawled out in the middle of the courtyard and I could see the guys on our third floor with the camera shooting right at it.  I walked right into our second short.

Turns out Jacob convinced Jason that since he had got to be in the first video, it was Jason's turn.  It also meant Jacob was in front of the camera.

After shooting for a couple of hours we wrapped.  Jason looked at the footage and we learned something really important that day.

Lesson Learned: Set up the green screen before the sun is at the right angle.  By the time the guys set up the green screen, there were too many shadows and the shot was ruined.

-Posted by Jessica