Boy Toys

Between Jason, Jacob and I, we seem to be doing "adequate" YouTube "research".  The three of us decided that we wanted our next video to be simple, nostalgic, and with a twist.  After having an idea pitch hang out session, we decided we would be shooting the following week.

Jason and I had to do some research and development and found ourselves at Toys 'R Us.  After going through the "Boy Toys" aisles, we settled on some Nerf guns.  I would have rather stayed in the "Girl Toys" aisles, but I guess I was out-voted.

We went over to Jacob's place, Nerf guns in hand.  Jacob and Jason really needed to get the fun out of their system and had to have some play time before shooting.  The guys unwrapped the guns and I got to witness mature men flashback to 2001.  After half an hour we were ready to shoot.

Unfortunately everything ran late, shooting took longer than expected, and we ended up shooting half in daylight and half at night; unintentionally, of course.  We have since managed a way to figure out how to make it work, but it was definitely a serious continuity error.

We also had some fun with stunts.  I filmed while Jason was pulled by an extension cord, tied to his belt, on the floor, by Jacob.  I guess you will have to see how it turns out.  From my view, it was something for the memory books.

-Posted by Jessica