The Cinetic Studios Office

Cinetic Studios is progressing from a cool idea to something more.

The three of us have come to a realization that we needed a space more suitable to work in.  While the living room is a great place to hang out, "research" and brainstorm, we also want a space to be able to sit down and work.

The stereotypical thing for us to do would be to set-up shop in our garage.  Unfortunately, we do not have a garage available.  We do have a "catch-all" bedroom that was just waiting to be used to its full potential.

With a little "summer cleaning" and some donations to The American Cancer Society Discovery Shops, we have cleared out the space for three workstations.

I guess if we had the funds we could have found a fancy office to rent or something, but we don't.  Instead we are using our $0-budget mentality and trying to use the resources we already have available.

One day we hope to have a real office, but for now, our office location works for us.  After all, it has great bathrooms, a full-functioning kitchen, conference room and nap suites.  Really, how could we beat that.

-Posted by Jessica