The Shift+Delete Series

Along with our narrative videos we will be releasing Behind the Motion in video format.  Our first video is finally ready to be released, but we needed to finish up our Behind the Motion before all of you wonderful people can check it out.

Last night Jason, Jacob and I got together to film it.  We got our lighting, set and narrative ready to go and shot for about an hour.  After we were done, Jason wanted to immediately get the footage off of the SD card and on to the edit machine.  Jacob and I sat back and relaxed waiting for Jason to finish before we could start the next task.
While Jacob and I were casually talking, Jason made an OMG face.  I looked at him and knew something really bad just happened.  Jason accidently pressed shift+delete (permanent deletion of files) on all of the footage we just finished shooting.  There were no words to explain how the three of us felt.
Thanks to Jason's computer knowledge he was able to recover some of the footage, but not all of it.  The three of us jokingly agreed there should be a Behind the Motion of our Behind the Motion.

Lesson learned: Do NOT press shift+delete.

-Posted by Jessica