Third Short: Reviewing Our Footage

One of the steps in our workflow is going through the footage of our videos, "the dailies".  Jason, Jacob and I went through the dailies on Sunday, but Jason is now developing another step in our workflow to eliminate the footage that should be buried alive.

Last night Jason went through the footage and assembled "the selects".  Jason is using a technique and template provided by the well-know editor, Vashi Nedomansky.  By assembling "the selects" we will eliminate the mass chaos from our first video where we could not organize the hours worth of footage we shot for a 60 second short.  Finding the right shot was like finding a frame in the middle of a full length, motion picture.

Some of the shots in our third video were also shot in slow motion.  In some of these clips Jason made obnoxious face movements to exaggerate the effect on film.  It was so funny watching him "perform" it live and after see the raw footage, I think the 60p slow motion sequence is gonna be pretty funny too.

-Posted by Jessica