"Welcome" Video

We have been participating in the YouTube Creators Academy. One of the lessons taught us all about the importance of the "Welcome" video.  The three of us agreed we would try and actually develop, shoot and upload the video within the week.  (A challenge we have said a couple of times and have yet to execute...)

On Sunday Jason and I thought of a way we could make a video with of our voices played to kinetic Cinetic typography.  Instead of developing the Cinetic typography ourselves we actually purchased a template to try and make the turnaround time a lot less.
Jacob came over tonight, and after discussing the original idea, we realized that producing that video would take longer than we wanted.  To get a video up on our page ASAP we thought on the fly and said, "How can we shoot this in fifteen seconds and be done?".  Because of the time constraint we agreed to go for the run-and-gun video and quickly started writing a script, setting up the lights, balancing the steadicam and changing into non-branded shirts.
Thirty minutes after shooting started we got a one-cut shot that was good and we could totally upload.  We watched the good take and said, "Let's just do one more since we already got it."  Fifteen minutes later we reviewed another take and realized it was 55 seconds long.
Jacob asked Jason, "How long is this supposed to be?" According to Jason it is supposed to be 30 seconds or less.  They both looked at each other and boom a spark just lit a fire under them; Jason and Jacob sped up their lines to cut the video time in half.
An hour of shooting later, we got our 30 second, one-cut shot.  Boom!
-Posted by Jessica