The Newsroom Voice

While editing and rewatching our first Behind the Motion for Finger Guns we noticed that both Jason and Jacob have what we call "the newsroom voice".

We shot the first Behind the Motion with limited expectations. We made a script and they both read lines from one our TVs in the office. What we didn't expect was "the newsroom voice" that just happened.

Our Behind the Motions are intended to be like a conversation with our viewers, and instead Jason and Jacob read lines like they were on channel 7. It's a big joke now actually.

A couple of days ago we filmed a BTM for "Screaming Artist". Before we started I reminded them that they need to be less newsroom and more talking to me. Instead of having them read lines, we filmed without a script and let the camera roll. I asked them "Jeopardy-style" questions and they had to answer them by first restating the question. When the two of them were answering my questions the answers came out more naturally and they did not feel like they were on the spot, in front of a camera.

We are learning with every video, even in our BTMs. We are even developing new content to flex those interview muscles and get us in top shape for our upcoming videos.

From channel 7, this is Cinetic Studios over and out.

-Posted by Jessica