YouTube Experiment

Recently I introduced my grandmother to the world of YouTube because she was curious of what could be taking up all of our time.  More importantly, I showed her the side of high production YouTube shorts.
Going into it I had already planned a little experiment.  My hypothesis was that the videos with no dialogue and simple concepts were the videos she would be able to relate to the most.  After showing her multiple videos from several of the most popular channels, I found that my hypothesis was true.
The niche videos involving video games and the like were too complicated for her to relate to.  Instead, she preferred videos with pretty colors, "nice" music and simple concepts.
So what does this tell us at Cinetic Studios?
The majority of the YouTube audience is male, 13-17 years old.  So, you would think that we would want to cater to that market.  Yes, we do.  However, even if we cater to the 13-17 year old guy, we still need to keep it simple so we do not limit our audience.
-Posted by Jessica