The Silent Partners of Cinetic Studios

Being independent filmmakers at Cinetic Studios means we don't have the big blockbuster budget to spend on anything our creative hearts desire.  Instead, we are using the resources we have available.
Each of us have different passions in addition to Cinetic Studios that contributes to our projects.  Whether it is knowing how to hack gadgets and gizmos, being a beer and wine specialist or crunching numbers, we all have an extra something.  Well, that was easy.  The three of us already know what we can do.   But what makes a great production company is knowing how to use the strengths of the people that help us.
Each of our friends and family members have skills.  We have parents who are great at providing encouragement, even when they may not understand what exactly we are doing.  We have brothers who will engineer 3D-printed Go Pro mounts and perform stunts in our shorts.  We have sisters who will help provide additional behind the scenes footage and get their friends to watch our videos. We have friends that will drop their Friday plans to be actors for a night.  And we have the support of our fans, to keep doing what we're doing.
The point is we use any contribution, idea or volunteer to get our projects to the next level and fake our blockbuster budget.  Without our friends and families, we'd just be some kids running around with a camera.
-Posted by Jessica