Released The Remote

We released our second short, The Remote, this week. This video played on the same storyline as Finger Guns with a little bit of a twist. The video portrays two friends fighting over a TV remote which results in a long drawn out Nerf gun battle.
Before the video was ever shot, Jason decided that he wanted to use wires for in camera effects. Needless to say there was a "wire" effect that allowed him to "slide" on the floor to avoid being hit by the very threatening Nerf gun. In a way the video was developed around an effect Jason wanted to try.
One of the biggest challenges we had was managing our time while filming the short. We started shooting the video in the afternoon hoping it would only take a couple of hours; instead those couple of hours turned into several hours and we ending up wrapping close to midnight.
Our lack of time management would have been minor if we shot everything with the same lighting; of course we did not. The opening shots took place during daylight and by the time we could move on, it was dark outside. If we left the original story line the same, our viewers would definitely be a little skeptical of the continuity of the video. To fix this we added the classic "a few hours later" to one of the shots to indicate we had definitely intended this to happen.
While we could have left the inconsistency in our lighting stop us in finishing the project, we saw it as an amateur filmmaking challenge we needed to overcome. Another video, another badge of accomplishment.
In case you have not seen the video:
And if you would like to watch our Behind the Motion:
-Posted by Jessica