Artist v. Art Gallery

Making YouTube videos is definitely an art. Those who make art are artists. I have to say that working with Jason definitely feels like I am the art gallery and he is the artist.
At the beginning of Cinetic Studios our goal was to produce content, a lot of content. We even went so far to say that we wanted to upload a video every two weeks. Well, that obviously was unrealistic because we do this on our free time and apparently we have a lot of responsibilities.
About a month into watching Jason edit Finger Guns I realized that deadlines were an unrealistic concept this early in the game. We did not have the skillset to be able to produce consistently and at the level we wanted to. Instead, we needed to consider adding more time to our budget to compensate for our lack of skill.
Adding more time turned into letting Jason be the artist he is and watching him fix and fix and fix things that I thought were already great to begin with. We started the artist meets art gallery dynamic. I would ask for the finished product and he would delay based on something he was not done working on: sound, tightening the edit, color, etc.
Weeks went by because the art gallery did not give the artist a clear drop dead due date. Without the deadline our artist would not give up the product and our viewers could not experience the art we created.
We have learned that our artist needs drop dead due dates that even the art gallery cannot extend. Recently we started to make videos for video contests because it allows Jason to be accountable for being late or failing to make the application deadline. Finally, the art gallery has a way to tame the artist and our viewers get to watch our art.
-Posted by Jessica