In my opinion one of the most important stages of any project is the planning phase. Getting a solid concrete understanding of the any job allows everyone in a team to execute in a more cohesive and efficient way.
Even though we at Cinetic Studios know this to be true, we are also culprits in failing to plan. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to "get the shot" or "quickly get this done". The time it takes us to get the quick shot more than likely takes longer when we do not think it through beforehand.
In the last video we shot for the BC Horror Challenge, we developed a story, Jason wrote a script, we talked through shots with our cast and we got our crew excited about the end video. As a result of our careful planning we got tighter, cleaner and better content out of our 6 hour shoot. Instead of "getting that shot" we got multiple awesome shots to choose from.
"Getting the shot" is extremely important and sometimes there may not be time to plan; however, if we can plan, we definitely will from now on.
-Posted by Jessica