Slow and Wells Wins the Race

I have the patience of a 2 year old and when it comes to learning new things and I can get frustrated when I cannot accomplish a new task instantly. Well, after I am over my fit and ready to put the project aside I remember what my prior boss once told me, “It is always better to learn something slow and well rather than fast and poor.”  This golden nugget has stuck with me since and has been the key to what we are doing here at Cinetic Studios.

Most of our shorts now are shot on multiple cameras and have significant post production work.  If you asked us to do that a year ago, our team would laugh and think you were crazy. A year has gone by and we have all been learning “slow and well” so that we can develop good and successful habits.  Practicing our solid, trained skills will eventually lead us to be faster at what we do.  So when we are sitting in our office cursing out the computer, we like to remind ourselves that “slow and well” always wins over “fast and bad”.
-Posted by Jessica