Pardon the Dust!

If you've visited our blog before, you may have noticed that recently it looks.....well, dramatically more streamlined than it did beforehand (ideally more awesome as well!). That's because we decided Cinetic Studios' Blog deserved an upgrade, in every creative and technological sense of the word. UNDER_CONSTRUCTION_by_Creamania_small

When we first began our creative video endeavor, we started our blog as a secondary source of behind the scenes info, fun facts, and other tidbits we couldn't cram into our "Behind the Motion" videos. With fantastic YouTube channels like FilmRiot , IndyMogul (RIP), and Neumann Films (just to name a few) already masterfully teaching the various crafts/skills involved in filmmaking, our goal was never to be a "how to" focused channel & blog (as we'd clearly be inferior to the above mentioned). Our goal for this blog & our channel in general is to share our filmmaking efforts, the lessons we learn along the way, and to share all the highs and lows we experience as we push along our journey as independent filmmakers telling stories we are passionate about.

As we've progressed slowly as filmmakers and storytellers, I decided the "story behind the stories" deserved a proper home besides a simple blogger page. With that introduction, Welcome you to the newly designed official Cinetic Studios and website! Please be let us know if there is anything funky, and keep and eye out for more new content and features soon!

-Jason & Team