Jason Bowdach

Colorist / Finishing Editor

E-mail: jason@cineticstudios.com
Twitter: @JBowdacious

With a background in post production, independent filmmaking and large-scale international distribution, Jason provides a unique combination of both technical and creative insight that is only furthered by his passion & dedication towards the craft of storytelling through color and stunning imagery.

Jason started his career working for Disney-ABC in their international mastering and distribution division. Through his experience in the corporate broadcast world, Jason was able to gain invaluable knowledge about large-scale post-production, client management and workflow strategies that he has since carried over to Cinetic Studios.

Trained under ICA instructor Warren Eagles and Mixing Light founder Patrick Inhofer, Jason slowly developed a solid background in the art of color grading and strives to improve and discover new aspects of the craft on every project. Whether your project requires minor color corrections or a completely unique “look”, Jason can work with you to shape your image to best tell your story visually. 

Whether you need color grading, finishing, or general post production consultation, please contact us via email or phone and we would be happy to discuss your project.